We’ll Help You Handle Healthcare Financing

Large amounts of money flow in and out of healthcare facilities on a daily basis. This is true whether the location houses a chiropractor, veterinarian or dentist. At Quick Capital Commercial Lending, we are proud to do our part to keep healthcare facilities running with healthcare financing. This working capital can be used for a variety of purposes in your practice.

Debt Consolidation

Instead of working with multiple monthly payments with their own interest rates, our healthcare loans let you put these payments into one account. Applications are often approved within 24 hours to pay off your existing debt.

Practice Acquisitions

Acquiring and combining practices is a common way to increase efficiency across multiple practices. Quick Capital Commercial Lending can help you determine how much money you need and the best payoff agreement for you.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Whether you fill your office with multiple leased machines or have one big-ticket item, a little extra working capital can help pay for this. We offer multiple payment options and many finance packages can cover up to 50 percent of soft costs.

Your practice needs working capital and we’re here to provide it. We know your time is important to you, so you can either call and set up the application over the phone or get in touch and we’ll send the paperwork.