Keep Goods Flowing With Purchase Order Financing

Dealing with premade goods and production materials means your business has money coming and going at a fast pace. Quick Capital Commercial Lending has a solution – purchase order financing. Whether you handle wholesale, resale or distribution, we are here to help you finance your next purchase.

Qualifying Business Models

If you deal with purchase orders, contact our office to see if your business qualifies for this unique financing option. While we offer services to a few main businesses, yours may fit within the model. We offer purchase order financing for the following:

  • Producers who purchase large material orders
  • Wholesalers who distribute goods to merchants and retailers
  • Import/export companies supplying goods overseas

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

This line of credit is ideal for startups and businesses with low capital funds. We will even help you out if your business currently has poor cash flow. Some of the benefits of this kind of financing are:

  • On-time customer deliveries
  • Expanded market share
  • Fast and flexible funding
  • No equity sacrifices
  • Growth without bank debt

The financing we offer is available for both national and international transactions. Pay your suppliers with confidence by partnering with us for all your future transactions. Call our office to find out more or to schedule some time with our loan experts.