Resources for Veterans Going Into Entrepreneurship

More and more military veterans are turning to entrepreneurship after retirement or the end of their tour. You can take the skills, both hard and soft, that the military has taught you and apply them to a second career of business ownership. This can be a difficult transition, and some will need help designed to get a veteran-owned business up and running well.


There are businesses set up to help veterans get their ideas ironed out to see which ones will be the best to take forward into entrepreneurship. The military has given you a set of skills, such as leadership and teamwork, which can easily be translated into the world of business if you have a good set of ideas to get you started. The best way to generate ideas is to do online research into various markets and see where products or services are needed. You can then use your ideas to build a business plan and fulfill those needs.


The key to the success of a veteran-owned business is having the very best business plans before you start gaining capital and supplies. The right plans will help you determine what your goals are, how you are going to get there and which benchmarks to keep an eye on as you grow. You can find online tutorials and informational blog posts to help you determine what kinds of plans you should be making, who needs to see those plans and how to get them done in a professional manner. Some lenders will want to see your business plans before approving you for loans and other financing options, so it is a good idea to know how to present these to underwriters.


Finding funding for a start-up can be easier for veterans than for the average entrepreneur because there are organizations dedicated to helping military personnel become business leaders. You can find a list of local, state and federal organizations set up to help veterans through your local social groups or by searching online. Sometimes you can even find investors or partners through your military contacts.

When you are looking into starting a veteran-owned business it is good to know that there are resources out there designed specifically to help military personnel reach these goals. You can find help generating ideas, building business plans and securing funding. The military taught you leadership skills and teamwork, both essential qualities for an entrepreneur to have.


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